StickEcodes is revolutionary to the old static QR code that stores just a single information page. We have taken the 2-dimensional code and pumped it up with encryption and geo-location and endless levels to store photos, files, and video, the only question is to share or not to share…we let you decide by adding qualified user passwords to access that level of information!!

Saving Valuable Historical Information

Are you concerned about what will happen to your most precious possessions and the stories associated with them after you pass away? Look no further than StickEcodes! Our patented technology enables you to scan a code and discover infinite information about your heritage and family heirlooms. Additionally, you can leave a lasting legacy at your final resting place for future generations to cherish.

Another AWESOME use!!


Remembering Military Soldiers is one of StickEcode’s better uses. We Honor our Heroes by never forgetting their stories by remembering and celebrating their lives in a digital time capsule, check out the link below

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Medical Testing

The paperless Patient chart allows levels of secure and shareable information between Doctor and Patient.

  • Record Vaccination records, time date, type, how many
  • Alergies to medications
  • X-rays
  • Doctor to patient calls
  • List of medications
  • Who to call in case of emergency

Fast Food

StickEcodes has revolutionized the digital game play for reward points, merchandising, advertising and digital giveaways!! Use to create games to drive your customer for reward points and mega game give aways!!

What we do

StickEcode’s patented technology expands the simple QR code into a superhighway of vital encrypted personal information. This paperless archival system can be shared with other qualified users but maintains the privacy of the owner with our expanded encryption technology. By adding a StickEcode to personal objects, important information is expanded and streamlined between you and whomever you chose. Making information instant and secure.

Detailed Description

An embodiment of the present invention provides a means to store and retrieve supplementary information that is linked to an object of value or interest.  The information linking system with the geo-location mechanism of the present invention can link text messages, audio messages, video messages, a suggested route, or a combination thereof to the object of personal value or interest.  The information linking system can document the manufacturing, acquisition, legal background, medical information, or economic benefit of the object of value or interest.  By the addition of a geo-location object information, a digital picture, videos, electronic documents, holograms, or a combination thereof linked to the geo-location object of value or interest, the financial benefits of the object of value or interest can be enhanced.  The linking of the geo-location object information to the object of value or interest can be achieved by instantiating an identification icon, including a barcode, a quick response (QR) code, a StickEcode, or a combination thereof on an object of value or interest. The Information icon can be instantiated by means including engraving, stamping, printing, or adhering to the object of value or interest.

Summary of a StickEcode

An embodiment of the present invention provides an information linking system with a geo-location mechanism, including an identification icon instantiated on an object; and a device configured to scan the identification icon, determine an access key by analyzing the identification icon, including a target location read from the identification icon and a current location of the device that scanned the identification icon, and retrieve at least an initial availability level from a plurality of qualified information level of a geo-location object information and additional information levels, authorized by the access key when the current location is within a geo-fence of the target location, for displaying on a device.

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